About Us

Our company purpose is: To learn and teach conscious communication.

We aim to do this through research, empathy, courageous self-inquiry, daily practice and loads of laughs.

We are determined to discover the universal principles that enable more open, honest, direct and clear communication – and then teach them in ways that are engaging, practical and enjoyable.

We shift our own bulls and help you to shift yours.

Our Story

(The short version, anyway)

The book Bullshift was written in 2008 and The Bullshift Company was established in 2015.

Andrew Horabin started his first business as a professional speaker and facilitator in 1993. He met the marvellous Malcolm Dix in a comedy room in 2000 and they gradually began to collaborate on the stand-up stage and between their two businesses. In 2015, the new company was formed to combine their talents and passions and so they could dedicate themselves to the cause of learning and teaching conscious communication.

In 2017, they were joined by professional speaker Amy Coombe who is now the third of what we hope will be many Bullshift Facilitators.

The rest of the Bullshift team are all dedicated professionals, each bringing their own skills, knowledge, experience and glorious muntedness. We collaborate for the higher purpose and endeavour to practice what we teach. Indeed, we say we are own first customer!

That’s the short version. The longer version is better in person – especially if you want to be part of it.

Conscious Communication

We combine the fields of consciousness (mindfulness, self-awareness, self-regulation) and communication (speaking, writing, observing and listening).

Multi-skilled and talented

Malcolm, Amy and Andrew have over 50 years experience writing, presenting, performing and facilitating. They deliver keynotes, present workshops, facilitate forums and make people laugh.

Learn Bullshift Online

After years of working live in the room with people, we’ve developed platforms and products to help people learn Bullshift solo and in teams on our App and through the Shift Shed.

The Bullshift Purpose & Values

Our purpose is:
To learn and teach conscious communication.
We work by five Company Values.

Our meaning:

To earn the right to teach, we reckon we must always be learning. We ask everyone who joins our team to – over time – learn and practice the Bullshift Principles and incrementally shift their behaviour.
We want to enjoy the benefits of Bullshift through our own practise and also be the happy example of why it works.


Ask yourself:

  • Which Bullshift Principle are you currently working on?
  • Which one challenges or develops you the most and why?
  • If our clients were to watch us at work today, which Principles would they see in action?
  • Which Bullshift Principle have you challenged or enhanced through your practise?

Our meaning:

Be the best at what you do. In addition to being the best in whatever products or services we offer, we should provide the best client service and internal leadership.

We have a great reputation for excellence – we must continually earn, protect and preserve this reputation but not by focusing on the reputation, by focusing on the work itself. Be the best you can be – and then ask yourself if you can do better.

Ask yourself:

  • Is there something you can do better? How will you improve?
  • Can you improve in a way that is healthy and sustainable?
  • What investments do we need to make to excel at something we’re not doing well enough?
  • What learning, training or mentoring do you need to get better at your work?

Our meaning:

Our clients have enough headaches – we’re not going to be one of them. Be positive, proactive, friendly, flexible, quick to respond and clear. We want our clients to not just rave about the quality of our actual work but to say, “They were so easy to deal with!”

Ask yourself:

  • What have you done in the last week to make life easier for a client?
  • Do you reckon people are happy to see your name in their inbox?
  • Do you respond to all messages within 48 hours, even if only to say
    you’ve received it and you’re working on it?
  • Where possible, do you do the work for the client so they’re not running around for us?
  • Are your emails and messages clear? Do you make clear requests and clear commitments? Do you deliver on what you’ve committed to?
  • Do you have minimal attachments so we can be flexible and adaptable for others?

Our meaning:

Look after your body – it’s the only one you’ve got. Care for your mental health and tend your soul. Eat well, sleep well and don’t work TOO much. Take time off to be with the ones you love. Have hobbies and play. The healthier you are, the happier and more energetic you’ll be, and that increases your ability to serve the world with your gifts.

Ask yourself:

  • What do you do for your soul health?
  • What have you done in the last 48 hours for your mental health?
  • What have you done in the last 48 hours for your physical health?

Our meaning:

We’re extremely fortunate – we respect that by paying it forward. This also expresses our attitude of “abundance”. An attitude of “excess” leads to waste, entitlement and disrespect. An attitude of “scarcity” leads to fear, greed, selfishness, hoarding, competition and pessimism. An attitude of abundance leads to openness, sharing, appreciation, contentment and joy – and a greater ability to continue creating and sharing abundance. So be generous and enjoy it.

Ask yourself:

  • What does generosity feel like in your body?
  • Have you helped someone recently with no expectation to receive something in return?
  • In the last month, who have we helped simply because we could?

“Andrew has a rare talent to share practical and relevant information in a way that is a lot of fun. Our team overwhelmingly enjoyed and found great value from the day we spent with Andrew. It was a great investment in team building and we all benefited from the practical tips on clear and simple communication. ”


There are only a few professionals who can accomplish being the Master of Ceremonies, a presenter and a facilitator to ensure that our open panel session achieved our goals. The team building exercise that you thought up and put together was fantastic and just what I was looking for. You are a professional with a relaxed style who has the ability to keep the conference working smoothly and to the timetable.

Super Liquor

What an absolute cracker of an event! Thanks so much Andrew for your incredible performance. The research you went to in order to connect at the right level with our audience
was like no other headline act I have seen. You have an obvious and infectious passion for what you do and the audience revelled in it. I had dozens of people say you were the highlight of the day! Thank you for your generosity, advice and a brilliant performance.

Karen Spencer Australian Institute of Company Directors

Meet the Team

Andrew Horabin, Malcolm Dix and Amy Coombe together have 50+ years as professional speakers, comedians and facilitators. We have a team of people working behind the scenes and their  passions, knowledge, talents and skills contribute to a  sensational team, all dedicated to shifting the bull. 

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