About Us

Our purpose is to learn and teach conscious communication through humour.

Bullshift provides information, tools and the processes for implementing conscious communication in any organisation, taught through humour-based content and practical exercises.

Bullshift fosters a community of like-minded people wanting to connect, share and discuss their experiences and provide peer-to-peer support when using the methodology.

Conscious Communication
We combine the fields of consciousness (mindfulness, self-awareness, self-regulation) and communication (speaking, writing, observing and listening).
Multi-skilled and talented
Our facilitators have over 50 years experience writing, presenting, performing and facilitating. They deliver keynotes, present workshops, facilitate forums and make people laugh.
Learn Bullshift Online
After years of working live in the room with people, we’ve developed platforms and products to help people learn Bullshift solo and in teams on our App and through the Shift Shed.

Who is Bullshift?

We are professional learners, dedicated to sharing the practice of conscious communication through humour.

The magic of our company is the combination of our content (what we teach), our method (how we teach it) and our culture (living by our values).

We must be the happy example of why our stuff works – so use it. And whenever we stumble or fall, turn the suffering into learning – and improve it.

Be the best you can be in whatever role you play. Find ways to improve in everything we do – our content, our method, our service and our culture.

Our clients have enough headaches already – we are not going to be one of them. Be positive, prompt, proactive, friendly, flexible and clear.

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