There is an old saying "If you don't laugh, you go mad."

And we have all experienced some form of "madness" in the workplace. It results in stress, anxiety and trouble for all.

People who see the humour in almost anything tend to be less stressed and more focused on what's important.

And that's what comedians do - they see the world differently, always looking for the humour.

Malcom is a 'recovering social worker' as well as a professional comedian who can show your people how to see the humour in anything; to share their mistakes with humour, reduce stress and put energy into what really matters.

He has a rare insight into both humour and mental health issues - he was in Social Work for nealy 20 years and has been a comedian even longer.

As a corporate comedian, MC & keynote speaker, Malcom has learned that few people see the work the way comedians do - but that non-comedian can be taught at least some of those skills.