Shift Facilitation

Have you already experienced one of our keynotes or workshops and could now use some help to embed the Principles in your organization?

Do you need a Facilitator to help navigate some tricky terrain or tackle some challenges with openness, honesty and straight talk?

Or could you or some of your team benefit from Coaching to overcome fears, build confidence and safely practice skills and techniques?

Our experienced Facilitators draw on very different backgrounds that have led to the development of some shared skills.

We reckon a good Facilitator:

  • Is a great listener
  • Has a good sense of humour
  • Builds rapport quickly
  • Can keep a conversation light when necessary to help deal with heavy things
  • Draws the Sub-Text up into the Text so we can find out together what’s really going on
  • Ensures everyone contributes
  • Aims for clear outcomes in which everyone is aligned
  • Has relevant, useful, insightful content to present where it is valuable
  • Knows when to present and when to facilitate
  • Draws on considerable experience in organisational culture, interpersonal skills, leadership and team dynamics
  • Can produce relevant stories, metaphors and mental models at will
  • Responds to feedback – overt or subtle – to adapt and shift

You can engage one of our Facilitators to assist with:

  1. Implementation – Getting the Bullshift Principles embedded in your culture and workplace practices
  2. Application – Using the Principles in an important discussion or planning session to get more honesty, alignment and more useful results
  3. A Personal Shift – Getting some help to shift a mindset, build confidence or safely practice some skills and techniques before making them part of your work

If you require an experienced, passionate, focused and highly skilled Facilitator – or you’d just like to discuss how it could work for you – shoot us an email or give us a call to get the conversation started.

Our Facilitators are Andrew HorabinMalcolm Dix and Tess Tholstrup.