The Shift Shed

The Bullshift Team have set up a Shift Shed; a suite of resources and tools, to help you and your team shift the bull. You’ll find PDF posters, worksheets, video and audio. If you have an idea for a resource that would help you and/or your team embed the learning of Bullshift, we’d love to hear it!


Bullshift Principles – PDF

Do you need to shift the bull?

MP3 - 3MB

How the Ego Reacts – Audio

Our first response is pretty much always an Ego reaction. Have a listen to this and see if you’ve ever had a similar reaction …

MP3 - 4MB

“Simon Say … Don’t use Corporate Speak” Audio

Most people are not impressed by people who say corporate stuff – they’re inspired by people who do real stuff …


MP3 - 9MB

Adult to Adult Conversations – Audio

What will enable you to have more adult to adult conversations?

MP3 - 5MB

How to prepare for a difficult conversation

If you’ve got a difficult or challenging conversation coming up, here’s some tips on how to prepare …


Bullshift public workshop brochure

Bullshift Public workshop brochure

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Keynotes & Workshops

We deliver fast, funny, interactive and inspirational keynote presentations that challenge people to get more openness, honesty and straight talk at work. We’re scheduled as the opener to get people fired up and set the scene, after lunch because we entertain and engage or to close the event so people go out on a high.

Our workshops use humour and a bit of heart to get people thinking about how they communicate at work. They’re inspiring, practical and enjoyable. Our Facilitators use their skills as stand-up comics and expert facilitators to gently draw people’s attention to the varied defensive reactions that typically flare up whenever we receive critical feedback or hear things we don’t like.


Hilarious, interactive session to explain the practical things we do to shift the bull.

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