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Program Manager [PRINT Workshop], DWER

Malcolm was prepared and engaging. The presentation and his open genuine approach to delivering the workshop information put staff at ease and encouraged a learning mindset to explore PRINT individually and as a team. The team leaders said that the Print report, debrief and workshops were of value and appreciated the opportunity to gain an understanding of self and others. They noted that the profiles were surprisingly close to the mark for individuals and will help our work be mindful of our different preferences and how to navigate these for successful teamwork/communication. Malcolm – thank you for joining our workplace. It was great to hear the ripple effect of conversation and laughter following each workshop.

Participant [The Four Shifts, Bullshift TV], Australian Bureau of Statistics

The content and delivery was a great smack in the face for me and left me inspired to consciously change behaviour and create new habits – I can only say that for a small handful of ‘courses’ and ‘training’ sessions I have undertaken over many years.

Senior Conference and Events Manager [Bullshift Workshop Participant], BankWest

Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for your great presentation at our Chief Operating Office Senior Leader Group event yesterday. Your session was so well received by our leaders and it was such a fabulous and great way to end our event – thanks to you our leaders all finished on a massive high. Thanks once again for helping to make sure that this was such a memorable, inspiring and engaging event for our leaders – you are a very hard act to follow. It was so great working with you again, Andrew, and I look forward to working with you again soon.

Participant [The Four Shifts Program], Dept. Health WA

Keep up the great work – Bullshift is by far the best professional development I’ve done. We use the techniques and language all the time!

Participant [The Four Shifts Virtual Program], Australian Bureau of Statistics

I was a little sceptical when I started the program (I mean, it is common sense, right .... then again, common sense is not especially common) ... and found that the BTV and the Webshops have become a happy island in my week. I miss it when it isn't there, and I will miss it after this week when the program finishes for me. The time to reflect on and practice some simple tips to make communicating more effective, and less frustrating, has been awesome.

Participant [Team Shifty – Learner Led Program]

This Shifty Moment was excellent at bringing something new and practical into everyone’s awareness. There was amazing discussion – people who are usually reserved and quiet were able to express their experiences confidently, and others supported that warmly. I observed the most open and even contribution across the team so far. Everyone contributed happily."

Principal [Intro to Bullshift Workshop Participant], Dalkeith Primary School

Malcolm was amazing! It was one of the best PD’s our staff have attended in a long time. It was very relevant and useful with researched strategies and principles, engaging and fun but on point and it challenged thinking without being confrontational.

Participant [The Four Shifts Virtual Program], Woodside

It's the best corporate training program that I've been a part of. It's to the point and avoids corporate speak. I like very much it's about creating an 'adult' workplace, because, very much so, we do not behave like adults all the time at work.

Participant [The Four Shifts Virtual Program], Australian Signals Directorate

I've really enjoyed the program, the authenticity really comes through in the Bullshift TV. The skits bring relevance and real world examples of the concepts which is really helpful. The humor makes it superior to other programs I have participated in which are death by powerpoint and/or droning host with hand outs and break out session styled. Its apparent this comes easy to the Bullshift team and that brings that authenticity and believability to the program - you are clearly passionate, and practice not just preach

Director [The Four Shifts Virtual Program Participant], Australian Bureau of Statistics

I can honestly say in my 10+ years at the ABS this has been the most beneficial and most enjoyable training I’ve undertaken so thank-you!”

Program Coordinator [The Fours Shifts, Bullshift TV], West Australian Primary Health Alliance

Just wanted to let you know that I did my Bullshift TV (BTV) Episode prep, and wanted to feedback that I thought it was brilliant! It was a great mix of content, humour and activity, the length was ideal, and the quality was great – nailed it!

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