What is Bullshift?

Bullshift was created to help organisations, leaders and individuals get more openness, honesty and straight talk within their workplace and within their life. 

We have identified 12 BULLS that we reckon block our ability to be open and honest and talk straight. We believe each of them can be SHIFTED with practice. Every time you shift a bull, you have more openness, honesty and straight talk in your life.

We have named 12 principles to help people shift the bull at work. Each one is simple but, for most of us, they are not easy.

The Bullshift principles are “Don’t”s replaced with “Do’s”. 

  • Don’t be Defensive - Be Curious
  • Don’t make Excuses - Take Responsibility 
  • Don’t use Corporate Speak - Use Real Words

You can read more about each principle here...

The “Don’t”s are the “bulls”, the things our egos tend to do automatically, often without our permission or awareness.

You can assume that most of the time your first reaction is an ego reaction. It takes consciousness to notice that reaction but choose whether or not to act on it. Your reactions are automatic and come mostly from your self- protecting, insecure ego. They are wired early in life into neural pathways and reinforced by years of repetition until each one becomes a four-lane highway with no traffic jam. As soon as you get the trigger, reactions instantly fly down that path and burst out as thoughts, feelings and behaviours. The reactive road doesn’t lead to joy, openness, great relationships or true success – it just loops back to reinforce the insecure ego, the false self.

The “Do”s are the “shifts”, the things most of us have to choose to do – with consciousness – in the moment. They may be common sense but they’re not common practice.

Your responses are conscious choices you make from your Higher Self when you are present and self-aware. If you're not conscious of your internal reactions before they possess and control you, then you're on ego-pilot and your internal reactions will become your external behaviours. If you’re conscious and notice your initial ego reactions, rather than automatically going down the old road to repeat your old experiences, you have a choice and you choose to do something different. It may take minutes, hours or days for the feelings to change and for you to realise you were possessed by your ego and how poorly you behaved. Then you have yet another choice. Do you acknowledge it, reflect, learn, recover, go back to people and make amends, consciously choosing to learn and grow? 

Bullshift is about reducing ego reactions to have more conscious responses. 

Have a quick scan of the list below - what behaviours do you tend to do on a regular basis purely out of automatic ego-pilot reactions? Do you need to get more consciousness within your life? Do you need to shift the bull? 

Every day, we have a choice. Will I let my ego run the show or will I get some consciousness and bring my best self?