Bullshift Detector

How honest are the people at your work?

Do staff tell the truth to their managers?

Are managers honest with their staff?

Have you been dishonest in the last 24 hours?

Do staff say things at lunch or the pub that they would never say at work?

Do you feel intimidated by people at work?

When you receive critical feedback, do you delight in the opportunity to learn and improve?

Do you ever gossip?

Do you sometimes express opinions as if they are facts?

Are the organisational values in your 'charter' the way people actually behave at work?

Does anyone know or care what the Vision or Mission Statement is?

Do people say things ABOUT you that they'd never say TO you?

Do you ever make excuses?

Do you talk too much?

Do you have people who behave badly and never get called on it

Is your internal communication failing to gain traction, achieve synergy or realise core outcomes going forwards due to an excess of high-density corporate bullshit?

Have you been dishonest in this survey?

When you submit, you will see your score and results. Your anonymous results are also sent to Andrew to compile and analyse with other responses. Alternatively, if you are happy to provide your details, one of our team will gladly contact you to hear more about any shifts you'd like to make - in yourself or your team - and how we might support them.