What We Do

Our aim is to raise consciousness and improve communication through humour, honesty and courageous self-inquiry.

We believe that people are happier, more effective, more productive and capable of more wonderful things when they increase their self-awareness and improve their interpersonal skills.

We believe openness, honesty and straight talk are essential to mental health, to living a good life, to the healthy functioning of any organisation and to the sustainability of life on Earth.

We have seen dysfunctional teams and organisations – they are characterised by dishonesty, closed minds, possessiveness, internal competition, selfishness, gossip and defensiveness.

We have seen great teams and organisations  - they are characterized by openness, honesty, straight talk, collaboration, generosity and impressive feedback skills.

Our aim is to help more individuals, teams and organisations to function that way.

We love working with people through keynotes, workshops, facilitation and comedy performances and believe we can really have a long-term, positive impact through this work. 

We also understand that most people need further coaching and resources in multiple forms to help them integrate what they've learned and apply it - that's why we're developing the Shift Practice and Shift Coaching value streams.

Everything we do is improved by working on it with audiences, participants, readers, listeners and through our own processes of inquiry.

If you can help us to improve what we do, we’d love to hear from you.