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Our aim is to raise consciousness and improve communication through humour, honesty and courageous self-inquiry. We believe that people are happier, more effective, more productive and capable of more wonderful things when they increase their self-awareness and improve their interpersonal skills.

Here's what it sounds like to be in a Bullshift Workshop

Keynotes & Workshops

Andrew Horabin and Malcolm Dix deliver entertaining and engaging Bullshift keynotes and workshops that help people to get more openness, honesty and straight talk at work.

We use comedy, stories, examples and exercises to get people laughing, talking and thinking together. And we draw on our considerable experience across all fields, trades and industries to work out what’s unique to each workplace and what’s the same everywhere you go. 

Each presentation is tailored for that audience and event. Tell us how shifting the bull will benefit your people and that’s what we’ll work toward. 


We deliver fast, funny, interactive and inspirational keynote presentations that challenge people to get more openness, honesty and straight talk at work. We're scheduled as the opener to get people fired up and set the scene, after lunch because we entertain and engage or to close the event so people go out on a high.

What works for you?


Our inspiring, practical and surprisingly enjoyable workshops use humour and a bit of heart to get people thinking about how they communicate at work. We also get asked to present short pieces around internal presentations in a full-day conference or to present Bullshift concepts and then facilitate a valuable conversation applying them.

What would you like to do?


To really learn, practice and integrate the Bullshift Principles and skills, we can customise a program for you - a combination of workshops, coaching and online learning. To understand your aims, determine the most valuable content and design the best delivery methods, give us a call or send us an email to start the conversation.

What will benefit your team?

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Bullshift Workshops

How much more effective could we be if our team members, colleagues and managers were all able to be open and honest and talk straight to each other? Imagine if we could give and receive feedback more effectively. Imagine the increased energy and the saving of time and money.

Our entertaining, engaging workshops explain the practical things we can all do to shift the bull.

We aim for all participants to get these things:

Learning Outcomes

  1. Inspiration to be more professional, mature and robust.
  2. Insight into why we struggle to be open and talk straight.
  3. Practical things we can do to be more open and honest ourselves.
  4. Practical things we can do to encourage others to be more open with us.

Our two most common applications

Giving & Receiving Feedback

We find that organisations are increasingly using anonymous feedback tools rather than developing the attitudes, knowledge and skills necessary for giving and receiving feedback. We also hear that elephants are un-named, problems are avoided, lessons are not learned and there’s too much waste or conflict because feedback habits are poor or non-existent.

Learning and using the Bullshift Principles and skills can help you to improve the frequency, quality and effectiveness of feedback by working from both ends – both the giver of feedback and the receiver. We then aim to shift people to a third point beyond giving and receiving feedback to just having an open conversation. “Don’t be defensive > Be curious” becomes a mantra and transforms the communication.

Do you need better feedback habits in your workplace?

Collaborative Problem Solving

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In many organisations, meetings are dull, painful, wasteful or inhibitive and approaches to problems are internally competitive. We use the foundations and principles of Bullshift to help people bring their best self to the conversation and work with a range of perspectives.

Don’t compete against people with whom you could be collaborating, don’t have an opinion if you don’t need one, don’t get too emotionally invested and don’t express opinion as fact – these simple principles can radically change the conversation and enable a more collaborative or innovative approach. By working on self-awareness and building better relationships, people not only communicate more effectively, they actually think better!

Do you have some problems that need new approaches or a fresh conversation?

Excellent – could not begin to suggest any improvement …Professional speaker of the highest order … Best presenter on this topic I have come across … This man is the consummate professional … Good psychologist, knows people very well … One of (if not) the best presentation I have ever been given.

Participant Australian Federal Police

The feedback on you has been overwhelmingly positive, so thanks again for making the day such a success.
Chief Financial Officer

Chief Financial Officer West Coast Eagles

What an absolute cracker of an event! Thanks so much Andrew for your incredible performance. The research you went to in order to connect at the right level with our audience
was like no other headline act I have seen. You have an obvious and infectious passion for what you do and the audience revelled in it. I had dozens of people say you were the highlight of the day! Thank you for your generosity, advice and a brilliant performance.

Karen Spencer Australian Institute of Company Directors

Customised Programs

We’ve worked in almost every field, trade, profession or industry you could name and we’ve learned that while humans are humans and the core Bullshift Philosophy works everywhere, each organisation is different. Your organisation has its own history, culture, strategy, pressures and problems to work on.

We have clients spread across states and territories, some that operate 24/7, some that operate in dangerous conditions, some working through major disruption and others bursting with growth.

We work with unhealthy cultures trying to recover, healthy cultures aiming to maintain or improve and outstanding cultures seeking the next level of excellence. Some of our clients want to apply Bullshift across all teams and levels and others focus in one area.

So we customise the program for you.

Get in touch to organise a Custom Program

What we can collaborate on:

  • The Content Which Bullshift Principles, skills or concepts will be the most relevant or powerful for your people right now?
  • The Applications Are you trying to improve people's ability to give or receive feedback? Facilitate better meetings? Collaborate for problem solving? Handle conflict more effectively? Lead and manage teams?
  • The Method What's the right blend of humour and empathy? To which methods will your people best respond? How much laughter is too much?
  • The Logistics How many people? In what locations? Over what timeframes? Around what workplace pressures, limitations and challenges?

You can also help us to understand how this ties in with your organisational strategy or people strategy and any relevant work done in this area so we can reinforce those investments and efforts. The core of Bullshift is the same but the application is unique for each of our clients. Work with us to decide what will work best for you.

Facilitation & Coaching

Have you already experienced one of our keynotes or workshops and could now use some help to embed the Principles in your organization?

Do you need a Facilitator to help navigate some tricky terrain or tackle some challenges with openness, honesty and straight talk?

Or could you or some of your team benefit from Coaching to overcome fears, build confidence and safely practice skills and techniques?

Contact us about Coaching & Facilitation

  • Facilitation Engage one of our Facilitators to assist with implementation, application or a personal shift of the Bullshift Methodology
  • Coaching Work with one of our Facilitators in a one on one capacity to increase your personal awareness, embed the learning and practice the skills and techniques required to shift the bull

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