How Bullshift can work for you…...

Some clients engage us to deliver one keynote at their conference. Others want a Bullshift workshop for a special event. And others have engaged us to embed Bullshift, help shift their culture, facilitate important conversations and support their leadership development. We start by asking what you’re trying to achieve and then collaborate with you on the plan.

Here's what it sounds like to be in a Bullshift Workshop

Keynotes & Workshops

We’re renowned for our hilarious and highly engaging presentations, teaching serious content through comedy and interaction.

We deliver for small in-house sessions, big staff workshops and large conference audiences.

We can even make it work online, which means we can connect with almost anyone, anywhere.

Our presentations are customised to speak to your people, with empathy for their challenges and focused on their goals.

Tell us how shifting the bull will benefit your people and that’s where we’ll begin.

The Four Shifts Program

Practical principles to help people shift how they talk and listen.

We teach Bullshift through four stages, building in impact and complexity. Participants learn and practise Habits within each Shift, incrementally adding skills as we progress and aiming to improve our dexterity between them.


Get Clear

In our experience, most people underestimate how much “vagueness” they live with every day and the potential power of shifting it. Getting Clear can reduce waste, stress and conflict and improve efficiency, safety and profitability. It also builds the muscles (good habits) that will ultimately lead to more openness and honesty.


Be Open

It’s hard being honest if others are not open, so in the Second Shift we work on parking automatic opinions, reducing defensiveness and listening effectively. Being More Open makes it safer to be honest and also enables us to challenge any beliefs and assumptions that could be blocking collaboration.


Be Honest

Now that we’ve built some good habits of Getting Clear and practised Being More Open, we can work on Being More Honest – to bring our authentic and best self to life, address the real issues more effectively, take more responsibility and be self-empowered, professional adults.



To truly Collaborate, we need to bring all the first Three Shifts to the table and combine them with shifting the remaining BULLS: passive-aggressive sarcasm, corporate speak (or any exclusive language) and gossip. We help competing people or ideas to be reframed and communicate for the greater good.

How can we work together?

The Content
Which Bullshift Principles, skills or concepts will be the most relevant and powerful for your people right now?
The Applications
Improve people's ability to give and receive feedback, facilitate better virtual meetings, collaborate for problem solving and handle conflict. Which applications are the most important for you?
The Method
What's the right blend of humour, challenge and empathy? To which methods will your people best respond? How much laughter is too much?
The Logistics
How many people? In what locations? Across what timezones and timeframes? Around what workplace pressures, limitations and challenges?

Get in touch


Have you already experienced one of our keynotes or workshops and could now use some help to embed the Principles in your organisation?

Do you need a Facilitator to help navigate some tricky terrain or tackle some challenges with openness, honesty and straight talk?

Our experienced facilitators can play the role of Attentive Outsider – independent from the dynamics of your ecosystem and committed to helping everyone get outcomes for the greater good. We use a lot of humour to ease the tension and push through to what you’re trying to achieve.

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"Bullshift hit the mark for my leadership team. Andrew skilfully and professionally challenged each team member to reflect on their behaviour through material that was both thought provoking and confrontational. His incredible humour ensured that participants were able to laugh at behaviour without losing the message, nor the motivation to change. People are talking about it positively and changing their behaviour accordingly."

SVP of 1SAP BHP Billiton

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