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Some clients engage us to deliver a memorable conference keynote or workshop while others engage us to help them shift their culture or support their leaders over many months or years. We start by asking what you’re trying to achieve and then collaborate with you on potential solutions.

Keynotes & Workshops

We’re renowned for our hilarious, inspirational, practical keynotes and workshops, teaching serious content through comedy and engagement.

We deliver small in-house sessions, big staff workshops and international conference keynotes with large audiences.

Most of our programs are now delivered entirely online – so we can connect with almost anyone, anywhere.

While the core content remains the same, each presentation or program is customised to speak to your people, with empathy for their challenges, focused on their goals.

Tell us what you want to achieve – and how better communication will help you to achieve it – and we’ll tell you honestly whether we think we can help.

The Four Shifts Program

Practical principles to help people shift how they talk and listen.

We teach the Principles and Habits in Four Shifts, building in impact and complexity, incrementally adding skills and tools as we progress.


Get Clear

Most people experience a lot of vagueness at work – such as sloppiness, fogginess, ambiguity, confusion or conflicting messages. Getting Clear can reduce waste, stress and conflict and improve efficiency, safety and profitability. It also builds the muscles (good habits) that lead to more openness and honesty.


Be Open

It’s hard being honest if others are not open to it, so in the Second Shift we work on parking our automatic opinions, reducing our defensiveness and relaxing our attachments. Being Open makes it safer for people to be honest and enables us to check the beliefs, assumptions and opinions that could be blocking collaboration.


Be Honest

Building on the good habits of Getting Clear and Being Open, we work on Being Honest – taking responsibility, separating facts from opinions, stating our wants and concerns, and speaking TO, not ABOUT.



We draw on the first Three Shifts and work to reduce the passive-aggressive sarcasm, gossip, corporate speak and competitive thinking. We help people to think together rather than just try to recruit and persuade each other. We ask questions that start with, “How might we …?”

How Does it Work?

The Content
Which Bullshift Principles, skills or concepts will be the most relevant and powerful for your people right now?
The Applications
Improve people's ability to give and receive feedback, facilitate better virtual meetings, collaborate for problem solving and handle conflict. Which applications are the most important for you?
The Method
What's the right blend of humour, challenge and empathy? To which methods will your people best respond? How much laughter is too much?
The Logistics
How many people?Together in the room or online? Across what timezones and timeframes? Around what workplace pressures, limitations and challenges?

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PRINT® is a breakthrough model of human motivation and behaviour developed by The Paul Hertz Group.

The approach is used to enhance understanding of the way people react and how they relate by explaining the “why” behind their behaviour – why people act as they do, why they make certain choices, why they are attracted to certain things and why they function better in certain situations than others.

Everyone has core motivations that drive their actions and behaviours. PRINT® reveals what these motivators are and, in doing so, clarifies what is needed to bring out people’s best.

Bullshift is certified to use and analyse the Paul Hertz Group’s PRINT® Survey, a 10-15 minute, statistically validated, highly accurate, and dynamic online instrument.

The instrument helps uncover an individual’s core motivators and behaviours that reflect their Best Self and their potential Shadow. The awareness and growth opportunities created with this tool are designed to help people reach their maximum potential, enhance the value of their contributions, increase their job satisfaction and create more rewarding and productive relationships.

We have found PRINT® to be a valuable tool for understanding ourselves and each other, and it complements what we learn and teach in Bullshift.  Knowing “why” accelerates successful growth and transformation.

The Paul Hertz Group licenses Bullshift to deliver PRINT®.

Meet our Facilitators

Our facilitators have years of experience as professional speakers, comedians, teachers, actors and facilitators - many doing all of the above! They’re supported by our HQ team, who themselves have decades of experience in consulting, leading and management.

"Course is fun and informative. We always have a laugh incorporating Team Shifty into our regular team meetings”

Participant, Team Shifty Design Financial

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