Conference Facilitation

Why engage a Conference Facilitator from The Bullshift Company?

We reckon a good Conference Facilitator can:

  • Keep the program light and tight so everything runs to time whilst feeling relaxed and easy.
  • Thank speakers in a way that acknowledges their contribution and reinforces key points.
  • Weave the different speakers’ messages together.
  • Deliver house-keeping with both humour and clarity.
  • Improvise appropriate comedy, help to keep the audience engaged, keep it real and fresh.
  • Talk to the event management team, the venue team, the AV people and speakers to make sure everyone is communicating and nothing is being missed.
  • Observe and speak to the speakers before they present to assess how likely it is they will stick to their time.
  • Be prepared to skillfully take a speaker off stage if they’re starting to run over time. And know when it is better to let the speaker go over and make up the time somewhere else.
  • Get the mix right between formality and irreverence.
  • Research the field, the group and previous conferences.
  • Draw on experience working with other clients in your field, profession or industry.
  • Tailor content and delivery for you rather than just presenting 'off the rack'.
  • Pitch at the right level and handle diversity in the group.
  • Draw on life experience in business, leadership and managing teams.
  • Listen to the participants and read how they’re feeling.
  • Be professional, positive, reliable and easy to work with.
  • Deliver an inspiring, entertaining and provocative keynote and practical, fascinating workshops.
  • Deliver a keynote, workshop or comic performance as part of the service.
  • Love the job.