About Amy

Amy Coombe is the Product Team Leader who assists with the creation and development of the Bullshift products, resources and website. 

Amy is also a Speaker within her own company and holds a national accreditation as a Life Coaching and MBraining (MBIT) Coaching Practitioner.  Amy has appeared on Channel 10 ‘The Project’, Channel 7 ‘Today Tonight’, CLEO Magazine, The Mental Health Commission Magazine ‘Head 2Head’, WA Family Magazine ‘Offspring’, The Sunday Times, Perth Now & The Australian Online. In 2013 Amy was nominated for the Australian Education and Leaderships ‘Most Positive Role Model of the Year’ award and in 2014 she was the official Ambassador for Mental Health Week in Western Australia.

Amy and her Husband Brandon have 2 children, Billy (a 2 1/2 year old boy) and Vahlia (a 12 month old girl). They keep her on her toes, are teaching her the art of juggling work/life balance on a daily basis and without a doubt gave her the best title of her life - a Mum!