What is Bullshift?

Bullshift was created to help organisations, leaders and individuals get more openness, honesty and straight talk within their workplace and within their life.

Bullshift Principle #1 Don't compete, Collaborate

Bullshift Principle #2 Don't be defensive, be curious

Bullshift Principle #3 Don't make excuses, take responsibility

Bullshift Principle #4 Don't use corporate speak, use real words

Bullshift Principle #5 Don't have an opinion if you don't need one. Stay open

Bullshift Principle #6 Don't express opinion as fact, express opinion as opinion

Bullshift Principle #7 Don't get too emotionally invested, detach and reflect

Bullshift Principle #8 Don't gossip, be respectful

Bullshift Principle #9 Don't pretend, be authentic

Bullshift Principle #10 Don't use sarcasm, say it straight or don't say it

Bullshift Principle #11 Don't mutter, speak up

Bullshift Principle #12 Don't be vague, get clear

Discover the Bullshift Principles

What an absolute cracker of an event! Thanks so much Andrew for your incredible performance. The research you went to in order to connect at the right level with our audience
was like no other headline act I have seen. You have an obvious and infectious passion for what you do and the audience revelled in it. I had dozens of people say you were the highlight of the day! Thank you for your generosity, advice and a brilliant performance.

Karen Spencer Australian Institute of Company Directors

Your workshop was both enjoyable and informing. The topic was extremely relevant to me and will continue to assist me in changing my communication particularly in the commitment to not making excuses, and not being defensive… I have just had another enjoyable time discussing Bullshift and the issue of truth in communication with our branch managers. A great way to beginning what was a 3 day planning session. People kept on analysing their comments and asking, Is that honest? … I found it very entertaining, interesting and enlightening. It made me look at communication and the things I say (as well as what others say) in a different way and what could really be said in a more honest way.

NESA Conference Delegate

Andrew was funny and extremely good at getting the message across to the audience. Loved how he involved everyone! … very interactive and relevant to everyday challenges and obstacles with humour which advocated for open and shared input from participants … Make all events as entertaining and informative as this one. I would recommend this event, if it were held again, or others by Andrew to everyone.

Director Participant "Director Download” Event, Australian Institute of Company Directors

What We Do

The Bullshift Company is managed by Andrew Horabin and Malcolm Dix. We help companies adopt the Bullshift principles through humour, honesty and courageous self-inquiry. We do this through Keynotes, Workshops and our online learning platform, Shift Practice.

Keynotes & Workshops

We deliver fast, funny, interactive and inspirational keynote presentations that challenge people to get more openness, honesty and straight talk at work. We’re scheduled as the opener to get people fired up and set the scene, after lunch because we entertain and engage or to close the event so people go out on a high.

Our workshops use humour and a bit of heart to get people thinking about how they communicate at work. They’re inspiring, practical and enjoyable. Our Facilitators use their skills as stand-up comics and expert facilitators to gently draw people’s attention to the varied defensive reactions that typically flare up whenever we receive critical feedback or hear things we don’t like.


How much more effective could we be if our team members, colleagues and managers were all able to be open and honest and talk straight to each other? Imagine if we could give and receive feedback more effectively. Imagine the increased energy and the saving of time and money.

To really learn, practice and integrate the Bullshift Principles and skills, we can customise a program for you – a combination of workshops, coaching and online learning. To understand your aims, determine the most valuable content and design the best delivery methods, give us a call or send us an email to start the conversation.

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I looked around the room and saw every single person leaning forward, smiling, engaged and wanting more. “Don’t be defensive, be curious” hit hard with everyone in the room but the delivery was light-hearted and funny. This has been a talking point since we attended the workshop and we will definitely be embedding the principles into our workplace. One of the best learning exercises I have seen. Delivery was spot on.

Leadership and Management Team Coles Distribution Centre

Proudly shifting the bull for

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