What is Bullshift?

Through virtual delivery or live in the room, we use humour to help people to Get Clear, Be Open, Be Honest and Collaborate.

Discover the Bullshift Principles

Bullshift Principle #1 Don't be vague
Get Clear

Bullshift Principle #2 Don't have an opinion if you don't need one
Park It

Bullshift Principle #3 Don't be defensive
Be Curious

Bullshift Principle #4 Don't get too emotionally invested
Detach to Explore

Bullshift Principle #5 Don't make excuses
Take Responsibility

Bullshift Principle #6 Don't express opinion as fact
Express opinion as opinion

Bullshift Principle #7 Don't mutter
Speak Up

Bullshift Principle #8 Don't pretend
Be Authentic

Bullshift Principle #9 Don't use sarcasm
Say it straight or don't say it

Bullshift Principle #10 Don't gossip
Be Respectful

Bullshift Principle #11 Don't use corporate speak
Use meaningful words

Bullshift Principle #12 Don't compete

Proudly shifting the bull for

How Bullshift helps

Comedy, stories and exercises to get people laughing, talking and thinking together.

Keynotes and Workshops
(in person or online)
We deliver keynote presentations and workshops, challenging people to think about how they might communicate and collaborate more effectively.

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(in person or online)
We use the Bullshift Principles to facilitate problem-solving and planning sessions, bringing humour, clarity and empathy to challenging conversations.

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(in person or online)
The comprehensive teaching of the Bullshift Principles and Habits, geared to the organisation's strategy, culture and operating environment supported by Bullshift TV.

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Create a more collaborative culture

Collaboration is only possible when people are clear, honest and open to feedback.

Whether you're engaging us for one presentation or a program of work over months or years, we can help you to create more of the culture you want by working across multiple areas.

Reduce the silos
Improve relations between departments.
Shift the culture
Help people to get more of the culture they want.
Make conflict more productive
Reduce the ego and increase the listening.
Develop your leaders
Give people the skills to excel in their role.
Be your best self
Inspire people to bring their best self to work.
Increase collaboration
Instill the skills and habits of working together effectively.

Start shifting the bull

I looked around the room and saw every single person leaning forward, smiling, engaged and wanting more. “Don’t be defensive, be curious” hit hard with everyone in the room but the delivery was light-hearted and funny. This has been a talking point since we attended the workshop and we will definitely be embedding the principles into our workplace. One of the best learning exercises I have seen. Delivery was spot on.

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